Thursday, June 18, 2009

About the Time For Lunch Campaign

Childhood obesity and diabetes rates have risen dramatically over the last decade and health care costs continue to escalate. We have an opportunity to make a difference! We can convince our legislators to bring real food into our national school lunch program. Whether you’re a mom, student, activist, farmer, grandparent or Slow Food USA leader, you can help make our collective voices heard. This year, it’s time to speak up. Help us organize a big shout out to our legislators and let them know it’s “Time for Lunch.” Slow Food USA’s “Time for Lunch” campaign is an opportunity to take action in whatever form you can. Write a letter, make a call, send an email or organize an Eat-In. Each is helpful in making a statement about bringing real food into our national school lunch program. But we also want to make a dramatic statement, so our campaign gets noticed. On Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2009, we need your help in organizing tens of thousands of people in communities across the nation to sit down and share a meal with their neighbors. This will be our defining moment to help send a clear message to our nation’s leaders that our children deserve better school lunches. This National Eat-In is our opportunity to take a stand about the food our children eat in school. Gather your friends, your families, your neighbors and your fellow citizens for a public potluck and rally that shows everyone real food for school lunches is a priority in your community. It’s easy to join this movement, even if you’ve never done anything like this before—you’re just gathering a group of people for a potluck. Everyone can organize an Eat-In, everyone can be an advocate and every-one can participate.
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